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Louella..... Global leaders by example

To purchase from wherever and whenever possible, the very BEST racing and breeding Champions worthy of a Champion's title, to breed from them and then make the following generations available at sensible prices, has been the benchmark for our continued success.

Louella often say, for performance quality, value and service we remain unbeatable..... we say this because its true


Jan Aarden Marathon Distance
Family Special Offer

3 Pairs of Jan Aardens for £675 our selection.

Each pigeon will be a grand child from the
principle racers and breeders.
Included in each 6 will be a grand child from
either European Bull or De Barcelona ‘241.

European Bull
3 times Barcelona Champion.
1st International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2008-2011,
1st International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2009-2011,
1st International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2010-2011.


De Barcelona ‘241
Winner of 1st Provincial Barcelona 849.
1st Dutch National Barcelona 7,016b,
5th International Barcelona 25,812b.
Won 1st Nat Barcelona one of the all time hardest on record


Majortity of the Birds on offer will be bred 2014/2015.

Massive savings as the normal price of each bird

in this offer are £150-£250 each.

Call Keith, Sue or Natalie on 01530 242255 to place your order.




We are now offering  Ex Breeders £30 Each,
£55 per pair


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