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Louella Champions

Over the last fifty years, many hundreds of Champion performance pigeons have been housed at Louella Pigeon World.
This is possibly the most famous feature contributing to the widely acclaimed belief that the stud is recognised as a world renowned centre for breeding excellence.


Jules Severi
Jules Severi

Jules Severi

Louella's Brand new Black Huyskens - Van Riels

I first visited Jules Severi (pronounced Say-vor-rey) in 2006 and introduced some most impressive pigeons with a view to promoting them as a viable alternative to our already very successful middle distance families that included Gaby Vandenabeele, Flor Engels & Michel Vanlint. A few months later an opportunity arose to purchase Jules’ entire loft of pigeons. 

The rest is history, the complete collection were purchased by me for Louella. However, because Jules’ is a genuine small team player of only 7 stock pairs, 17 widowers & 30 young birds, there were not, on continental standards, that many to purchase ! This is always a good thing, because to compete at the TOP as Jules did every pigeon had to earn it’s corn.

The Severi’s don’t have long pedigree’s, to use Jules’ own words, ‘don’t ask me about pedigree ( I remember Charel Janssen saying the same), I am not so concerned with these things’. ‘Pigeon racing for me is obtaining good results with my 17 widowers and 30 young birds’. The family has been maintained in it’s purity since the late 1950’s.

The Jules Severi family is indeed a rarity, founded completely on the loft of Huysken - Van Riel a name that is revered as one of the greatest in the history of pigeon sport. If you are looking for pigeons with long lenghthy pedigrees, these are not for you, on the other hand if you are genuine racing fancier that is interested in flying good pigeons, not paper, it might be worth your time to take a second look.


Long Distance

Hubert Jongen - European Bull
Hubert Jongen - European Bull

Hubert Jongens

Classic Old Jan Aarden Breeding

A Genuine Old Arden, Kuypers and Van der Wegan Family that have no equals. Winners from National & International from Dax, St Vincent, Bordeaux, Bergerac, Perpignan, Marseille, Indeed from every major point from 500-750 miles.

Maarten Vinkenborg - Rode Kramers '93
Maarten Vinkenborg - Rode Kramers '93

Maarten Vinkenborg

Jan Aarden Marathon Breeder

There are many factors to consider when bringing in new stock and for Louella one of the most important is do they win for others as well as the creator of the strain. It was clear that most of Maarten’s outstanding racing STARS were invariably bred through his World famous Rode Kramers a 75% Jan Theelen 25% Kuypers cock - not only did this pigeon fill Maarten’s loft full of winners but very many others across Europe.

Such lofts C. vd Laan, Ewout vd. Weijden, Fam. Van Houten, Ton Verteleman, Herman Brinkmann, Reedijk-Jongekrig, G. Vedder, Batenburg, H & R Wijnands, Danny Vangende, Gebr. Hagens, Pros Roosen, Wim van der Velden, aso are just a few to have won 1st Open National or 1st International with lines of Super '508 of Jan Theelan but amongst these famous names there are none more famous throughout Holland than Maarten Vinkenborg - everyone respects the man and his family of 'die hard' racers that are primarily bred around the incredible Rode Kramers which is inbred & line bred to Super '508.

Louella have at stock 5 sons & daughters of the fabulous Rode Kramers, these together with Maarten, Sylvia, Infinite Spirit & La Rosa Bonita are the foundation of the family of pigeons we are in a position to offer to the fancy now. The majority are of medium build, slightly longer cast, with soft supple feather and those character eyes. Bred for the job they make winning the longer Classics so much easier, quick enough to win at 450mls and gutsy enough to go right through to 700mls. or more.


All Purpose

Louella Greats

A selection of fantastic Champions once housed at Louella

The 1942 rung Newmarket Queen was the first King George V Challenge Cup winner purchased by Louis Massarella ! Please browse here for details of some of the former greats that were owned by Louella. Our never ending quest to search for the BEST continues.......




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