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Louella Johnny Kirkpatrick

A tremendous reputation over decades

GB80X 43661 - Stan The Man

Brilliant All Purpose performance pigeon

Louella Johnny Kirkpatrick - Grizzle

GB79Z 12203 GB78Z15846 Champion Stan the Man.
Winner of 14 x 1st from 80 to 526 miles. 4 x 1st Lerwick, 7 x 1st Thurso, 10 x 2nd, 45 x in 1st three. Top class performance breeding. Owned by Louella Pigeon World.
GB78X 41221 GB78Z14319


GB82J 26224 - Dream Come True

Winner of 1st Open Thurso Combine 500 Mls

Louella Johnny Kirkpatrick - Red Cheq

GB77J23003 NU67S95207 Ch Dream Come True.
Winner of 1st Open Thurso LNR Combine. 500 mls., into London 500 Mls over 3000 b. Top class performance breeding.
NU73T 65296 NU72P99910


GB83Z 07777 - Angouleme Hen

Winner of 11th & 35th Open MNFC Angouleme

Louella Johnny Kirkpatrick - Grizzle

GB81V 64257 SU73B4237
Ch Jubilee Victor
The Angouleme Hen.
A very consistant Kirkpatrick performance hen. Winner of 2nd Section, 11th Open Angouleme. 1987 Winner of 11th Section, 35th Open Angouleme MNFC. 1988 Also 6th Federation, 20th Combine Nantes.
Solway Lass
GB81V 62638 GB78V11567


GB84L 91801 - Ch Worleybird

Winner of 1st Open Thurso 420 Mls.

Louella Johnny Kirkpatrick - Grizzle

GB82V 41098
Silver Supreme
GB78V11122 Champion Worleybird.
Brilliant racer and breeder. Winner of 1st OpenThurso 420 Mls. Beating total of 4 different Federations all liberated together. Louella Kirkpatricks have stood the test of time.
GB82V 41086 NU75J41582


GB85P 10587 - Ch.The Nevers Hen

Winner of 1st Open Nevers, 530 Miles

Louella Johnny Kirkpatrick - Grizzle

GB83V 54766 NU75J41881 Ch The Nevers Hen.
Winner of 1st Open Nevers, 530 Miles. Only bird on the day. 2nd Nevers, 2nd Melun, 419 mls. Both parents bred by LPW. Louella Kirkpatricks have stood the test of time.
GB83V 54763 NU75J41443


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