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2018 Young birds

Kits of 10 @ £190, Kits of 6 @ £131

You select the Option we select the family

Sold with Certificate of Origin.


Option 1: Sprint/Middle Distance 50 to 425 miles.


LPW Braspenning,
LPW Flor Engels,
LPW Gaby Vandenabeele,

G & P Lindelauf,
Michel van Lint,
Jacob Poortvliet and
Pieter Veenstra












Option 2: Middle/Long Distance 250 to 700 miles.


LPW Jan Aarden
Maarten Vinkenborg,
Antton Shultz,
Nico Volkens
Flor Engels and

G & P Lindelauf











Kits of 6 @ £145.99

You select the family

Sold with Certificate of Origin

Jan Aarden, Vandenabeele, Jacob Poortvliet,
Pieter Veenstra,
Veenstra X Poortvliet and Roland Janssen



If there is a family you are interested in but is not in our advertisement please call us at the office on 01530 242255 to check availability

Kits of 6 supplied with there 3 generation
Pedigree @ 240

To place an order please call us on 01530 242255


Corbett Busschaet

@ £240

Sold with 3 Generation Pedigree



Pieter Veenstra
@ £240

With 3 generation Pedigree



 Jacob Poortvliet
@ £240 or 


With 3 generation Pedigree




 Poortvliet X Veenstra
@ £420 for 12


 Louella Specialty Marathon Long Distance families


Nico Volkens
@ £240

Sold with 3 Generation Pedigree




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