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B03 4234200 - Gryzje Duivin Late Jong

Daughter of Ch Oude Gryzen

Roland Janssens - Grizzle Pied

B91 4193002 Champion Oude Gryzen B98 4063342 Kleinzoon Oude White Bandit Gryzje Duivin Late Jong. Same way bred as Ch Rode Bingo winner of 10 x 1st, 4 x 1st ACE Pigeon, 1st Provincial Champion & Silver Ring Championship winner. Bred & raced by Roland Janssens. Owned by Louella Pigeon World.
B85 4600634 Super Kweekduivin '634
B99 4266022 Kweekduivin 022 B96 4135061
B95 4360340 Kweekduivin 340