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New Gaby Vandenabeele Pairs.
All priced @ £150 each or £750 for  Kit of 6.






Pair 1



Sire: Napoleon's Bliksem
G.sire to Napokleon winner of 1st National Montauban


Dam: Rudy's Katie
G.dtr to Rudy Sire to The 1st National winners New Bliksem and Super Romeo






Pair 2


Sire: Bliksem's Nero
Inbred to Bliksem from Duo Bliksem
a G.son of Bliksem


Dam: Rikie Rudy
G.dtr to Rudy sire of 1st National winners

New Bliksem and Super Romeo.






Pair 3


Sire: Williams Bliksem
Bred from a G.son of Bliksem
when paired to a sister to Brambilla


Dam: Martina
Half sister to Brambilla and Direct dtr of
Suz-Ann 8th Prov Orleans winning a car.





Pair 4









Pair 5


Sire: Rembrant

Dam: Wilamina




  Pair 6  

Sire: Young BIll


Dam: Juliets Bliksem







Pair 7


Sire: Chief Billy

Dam: Pleidaes Gaby






Pair 8


Sire: Rudy's Romeo


Dam: Bliksem Kaas




Pair 9


Sire: Bliksem's Rik


Dam: Rosie Bliksem







Pair 10


Sire: Super Don

Dam:Rudy's Pearl






Pair 11


Sire: Captain Billy


Dam: Princess Bliksem






Pair 12


Sire: Emile Bliksem


Dam: Donna Maria





Pair 13


Sire: Neptune Jack


Dam: Rudy's Ruby




Pair 14


Sire: Grote Bliksem


Dam: Rudy's Alberta




Pair 15


Sire: Captain Louis


Dam: Miss Pleidaes





Pair 16


Sire: Captain Hero


Dam: Pleidaes Girl




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