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Jan Aarden International

Super Marathon Long Distance Pigeons


Bred by Arjan v. Gent raced by Ben & Ann Peppel. This sensational pigeon was on the prize list an amazing 5 times from 580 miles to 780 miles to only 3 years old !! His wins include; 10th Dutch National Barcelona 8,042b. 19th International Barcelona 27,669b. one of the hardest Barcelona's of all time - his winning velocity was only 967mpm. A tough one ! True Grit's Barcelona distance is 780 miles and he truly is one of an elite few to conquer Barcelona at at distance above 1250km. Statistics reveal just how fabulous his win from Barcelona was, from 2005 to 2011 the combined entry for Barcelona was 180,546 brave racers - Of the 180,000 + only10 gallant pigeons achieved a TOP 20 International position at 1250km or more - That's how hard it is ! His breeding is self explanatory - Bred for the job. Prior to Barcelona he won less than 4 weeks earlier 159th Dutch National St Vincent from 6,052b. at 670 mlies ! 134th Bordeaux 6,299b. and twice in the clock from Tarbes just under 700 miles.





























Undoubtedly one of Europes all time racing greats.

Her performances include; 4th National Bergerac 596 miles, 10,903b., 7th National Montauban 621 miles, 6,526b., 45th National Perpignan 696 miles, 5,622b., 76th International Perpignan 4,719b. 110th National Perpignan, 5,619b., 272nd National Montauban 8,307b. & twice in the clock on the winning day from Barcelona 794 miles. Both sire & dam bred by Maarten Vinkenborg !



















10 times a National/International prize winner from 620 to 793 miles.
Including 3 times Barcelona 793 miles.

  • 46th National Barcelona 8,042b
  • 48th National Montauban 8,346b
  • 115th International Barcelona 27,566b
  • 183rd National St Vincent 6,612b
  • Montauban 710 miles St Vincent 688 miles
















Beautifully inbred & line bred to Wim Muller's Marseille Star via Dax Doffer winner of 2nd Open National Dax. Marseille Star won 4th & 11th Open Dutch Nationals Marseille and is responsible for winners at extreme distances all over Europe. Incredible proved himself in 10 different races from Bergerc 596 miles (twice), Montauban 621 miles, St Vincent 689 miles, Perpignan 695 miles & Barcelona 794 miles (3 times). He never missed the clock on the winning day. His principle win from Barcelona was on a hard day, scoring a 115th Open racing a bigger distance than every bird in front and raced & won 183rd Open Dutch National St Vincent 689 miles, 6,621b. Only 3 weeks earlier!!

Incredible is at the cutting edge of a racing pigeons physical and mental capabilities - There are no hiding places at these extreme distances in the world's
greatest race, Barcelona !!!















5 times a National/International winner from Perpignan 695 miles, Pau 692 miles,
Narbonne 665 miles & Montauban 621 miles

  • 21st & 69th Open Montauban 6,085b
  • 110th Pau National 2,342b
  • 260th perpignan National and beat 14,154b
  • International Pepignan 695 miles


    Blood 1/2 brother to Incredible
    3 times Barcelona 794 miles




















A good honest pigeon that was included in our latest collection as much for his bloodline as anything else. His pedigree reveals that he is approx. 1/2 blood brother to Incredible. El Moreno can be traced to the very basis of the Jan Aarden strain. Line bred on both sides of his pedigree to De Kraag of Wim Muller - Invaluable.
His good wins are somewhat incidental to his value in the stock loft.












6 times Barcelona & perpignan 698 miles
to 798 miles

  • 3 times Barcelona winning 13th, 79th, 248th, 280th, 505th Nationals & Internationals
  • Beat over 14,000birds from
    Perpignan 698 miles
















Bred & raced by Ton Verteleman. From one of the greatest racing lofts in history, Amazing Grace is quite simply amazing. A winner 3 x's Barcelona 798 miles & Perpignan 698 miles.
Her sire is from the famous Aarden loft of Cas de Graaf and her dam bred by Nico Volkens a direct daughter of the 10' x 100' pair !

Amazing Grace won; 13th, 79th, 248th, 280th, 505th Nationals & Internationals Barcelona ! Breathtaking performances at 800 miles !!!











Bred by Maarten Vinkenborg. Sire & g.sire of 2 x 1st International ! Maarten from arguably the most prolific extreme long distance winning lines on the continent, namely Ida. Ida & Rode Kramers, the latter in the immediate pedigree of Rosa Bonita, are parents of Vale Vinkenborg '997 the sire of Rood Vinkenborg which in turn is dam of family van Houten's Silvia that in 2010/2011 was 15th International Barcelona '11 & 34th National Barcelona '10. '997 is directly responsible for; 15th, 20th, 34th, 45th, 50th, 75th, 93rd Nationals & Internationals Barcelona, Perpignan, Bordeaux, St Vincent, Perigeux & Bergerac !






















Bred by Nico Volkens. The no.1 Volkens stock cock no resides at Louella. Nico son of Royal Street, a great racer and son of the famed Bonte Koppel ! Nico is responsible for 8 pigeons to win in TOP 189 of Dutch National racing from 595 miles to 690 miles. averaging 7,127 birds per race. Lofts have been founded on the Bonte Koppel & the 10' x '100 pair of Volkens with winners at the most extreme distance to beyond 800 miles from Barcelona !!!

















Her breeding alone justifies her place here, the fact that this sensational hen raced from Barcelona 794 miles on 3 occasions & 2 x's Perpignan 695 miles elevates her to the position of one of the all-time racing greats above 775 miles! Rosa Bonita completed the double from Bergerac 596 miles & Barcelona in only a few weeks and then went on to win at National level from Barcelona & Perpignan only 22 days apart the following season. From Barcelona her National & International positions include; 27th, 92nd National & 44th & 151st International.



















Bred by Van Ophuizen. Own son of the Dutch Barcelona National winner of Puck de Jong when mated to the irreplaceable lines of Rambo Barcelona. There will be things to come from Express.
















Nest mate to the 1st Open Narbonne International winner Heleen 666 miles on the day ! They are from Maarten & La Suena Blanca, the only pair in the UK that are parents and g.parents to 2 x 1st International. Nestzuster Heleen was only lightly raced but won 96th Dutch National St Vincent 5,336b. 689 miles and was in the clock from Narbonne.



















The only son in the UK of the Hagens/Volkens Barcelona hen Volandas. Volandas translates to, easy through the air after she completed a race as a 2 year old near 700 miles from Marseille and continued to fly around the loft with exercising yb's.
Her performance from Barcelona at 5th Open International is the highest of any pigeon racing over 775 miles - Volandas raced 808 miles! A sensational win.

















Full sister to Volandas.

5th International Barcelona 808 miles 25,815b. Her breeding value is obvious; few pigeons ever excel in International racing above 775 miles.

















Full sister to Volandas.

This hen as only been mated to our most important extreme distance cocks.

















The pedigree reveals all, this beautiful hen is bred in the purple being a direct daughter of the 4 x's Barcelona winner Bonte Barcelona.
















Bred by Nico Volkens. Louella are lucky indeed to have this hen, she is dam & g.dam to 2 x 1st International to 666 miles. Very inbred being a double g.dtr of the World famous Bonte Koppel & the 10' X '100 pair. Please see Dona Maria, Do Juan, Nico, Amazing Grace, Zuster Volandas, Rode Volandas, Donkere Volandas etc.
Volkens in every one - It's no coincidence. Even in the loft of Brockamp can Volkens pigeons be found !



















Inbred 1/2 sister to the fabulous Don Leo ! The super Nico Volkens hen Martha figures on both sides of Dona Maria's pedigree. We count Dona Maria as an integral part of our future plans with our are already invincible family of Jan Aarden's.
















Fantastic gold eyed cock. Own son of Don Leo when he in turn was paired to his inbred 1/2 sister. The offspring of Don Juan radiate a class all of there own. Again we see the influence of the Nico Volkens pigeons that win where ever they go at the longest distances and the biggest Internationals.


















Another good honest racer that excelled up to Pau 604 miles winning; 27th Open Dutch National 2,413b., 61st International Pau 6,553b., 252nd Open Montauban 6,325b. & beat over 10,800b. from Mont Marsan and over 14,000 racers from Bordeaux. His pedigree reveals all. Rode has been mated to 700 mile + Barcelona breeding to enhance his golden Theelen lines.
















Inbred to Kimmlyn the Perpignan International winner. direct from one of Europes leading lofts that has claimed to have the BEST team performances from Barcelona & Perpignan at International level in 2011. Many of the BEST are children and g.children of Kimmlyn.
















Bred by Ben Peppel. Inbred to '330 - A lovely hen of a not so widely known pedigree, however, Ben Peppel is nick named the Godfather of Barcelona and this hen is one of the BEST. Same loft as True Grit !!

















Bred by Jan Polder from Jan Aarden stock originally supplied the world famous Jac Steketee. She is a daughter of Rainbow Warrior but more importantly inbred & line bred to the Barcelona hen Witstaart - 4 x's Barcelona bred from Jac Steketee originals!