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2019 Testimonials

Please contact us with your winning pigeons

Congratulations Mr Quinn

Winning 9th and 10th Open 8th, 9th N Sec Irish National Flying Club, Grand National Penzance YB race. Both pigeons Dams are Louella Jan Aarden

Congratulations Mr Dodds

Flying Tarbes 4 times with a 14 bred Cock flying 721 miles. Clocking 3 times. 2016 - 97th Open, 8th Sec, 2018 - 117th OPen, 8th Sec, 2019 - 71nd Open, 2nd Sec. Winning a Merit Award.
The Cock is inbred to Louellas Invincible Spirit and bred from stock purchased from Louella.


Congratulations Mr Harland

Winning 4th Open, 2nd Sec A MCCFC Saints with a cock bred through Loulla Jan Aardens and Louella Busschaerts.

Congratulations John Hodgson

17th Sec, 80th Open SNFC Buckingham 3,876 birds. Bred via the lines of Starview Icarus and Louellas De Smaragd I & II and Invincible Dettori.

1st Sec 28th Open SNRPC Billericay 1,397 birds. Bred via the lines of Starview Icarus and Louellas De Smaragd I & II and Invincible Dettori.
2nd Sec 90th Open SNRPC Billericay. From a son of Louellas Hillie A when paired to a daughter of Starview Pleidaes.

15th Sec, 101st Open SNFC Maidstone. Its dam is a direct dtr of Incredible when paired to a dtr of Invinsible Spirit.

11th Sec Burdinne. Bred via the lines of Starview Icarus and Louellas De Smaragd I & II and Invincible Dettori.

7th Sec 166th Open Yres 2,957 birds. From a son of Icarus when apired to a daughter of Invincible Dettori.
10th Sec, 191st Open  From a son of True Grit when paired to a Superduif son of the Bonte Koppel 10/100 when paired to a daughter of Nico.

3rd Sec, 15th Open same pigeon to win 1st Sec 28th Open Billericay. Bred via the lines of Starview Icarus and Louellas De Smaragd I & II and Invincible Dettori.

Congratulations J & D Tobias

Winning in 2019
2nd Lancashire and Yorkshire Championship Club
4th Eccles 2 Bird Club
7th Section L
157th Open Tarbes 723 miles.
1st Club 1st Federation Messac 400 miles on a hard day.
With a pigeon bred through Louella Leo Pronk origionally brought from Louella in 2014/15

Congratulations James McGuire

Winning 1st Club, 1st W/Sec 1st Open Lanarkshire Racing Pigeon Federation Young Birds Kelso. 3,108 birds. With a Louella Performance Busschaert. both parents purchased in a young bird kit of 10 from Louella.

Congratulations Walter Boswell

Winning 3rd Sec, 30th Open Roye National and Silver Award with Louella Mary. Direct dtr of Louella Jenna Silver Award winner.
Sire - 19yr old son of De Barcelona van der Wegan
Dam - The Spin Hen, Kuypers Bros Spin lines gifted to Mr Boswell by Michael Massarella.
Louella Mary is a half sister to Lady Helen, She flew 1,488 miles in a 3 week period winning SNFC Silver Award 2018
3rd Sec, 10th Open SNFC Liege 2018
19th Sec SNFC Ypres 2018
2nd Sec 33rd Open SNFC Roye 2018

Congratulations Mr Shaw

Winning 6th Open, 6th Sec INFC Kings Cup Grand National Saint Allouestre 458 miles. With a dark Pied 2yr old Cock bred from stock birds from Louella containing the the very best Jan Aarden Blood lines True Grit and Invincible Spirit.His full sister a year older was timed on the second day achieving 62nd Open.

Congratulations Mr Halbet

Winning 1st Open 1st Sec SNFC Reims with a 3 yr old grizzle cock Super Harry. Super Harry also won 1st Sec 3rd Open SNFC Reims in 2018. Super Harry is bred through Louella Jan Aardens on his Dams side.

Congratulations Mr Goodwin

Winning 3rd Open 1st NW Sec MNFC Bordeaux  flying 568 miles.The winning pigeon a Blue cock purchased in a young bird kit from Louella in 2018. The blue cock is an Antoon Shultz bred via the lines of Red Rum. His secong pigeon clocked the following morning was 61st Open 8th Sec a Mealy Hen purchased in the same kit from 2018. She has previously flown over the water 5 times and always been clocked on the day. she is a blood full sister to his 1st Section winner.

Mr Goodwin photographed with his 1sr Sec, 3rd Open Bordeaux winner


Congratulations Mr Millward

4th Sec J, 128th National Tarbes 675 miles 1,879 birds.  With a 4 year old Blue hen who had previously won 2nd Sec 20th Open BBC Coutances in 2017  Her dam is a grand daughter of Incredible from Louella.

Congratulations Potts, Walker and Partners

1st Club, 1st Gateshead Fed, 2nd Sec 2, 18th Open Up North Combine Bourges 570 miles. With Cappies Legacy a Louella Workman Baker.

Congratulations D & D McFadden

Tarbes Grand National winning 1st, 3rd, 4th Sec, 1st 7th, 12th Open a fantastic performance in a most difficult race. It was a pleasure reading the information in the BHW that a grand dtr of Louells Champion Kirkpatrick racer breeder Stan the Man has a big influence in the Mcfadden highly succesful National winning family of birds.

Congratulations Underhill and Prettejohn

Mr Underhill pictured here with Inthegenes and his grand dtrs Sienna, Elizabeth, Holly and Jessica.


Provisional: 1st Sec, 6th Open with 'Inthegenes' a cock who is a grand son of Louellas Incredible when paired to Nestzuster Herleen from Maarten and La Suena Blanca. He has been to every NFC race, consistently winning the clock station and Plymuouth Club pools and noms. In the four NFC races he has been first pigeon to the loft other than when he won 1st and 2nd Messac with Grace and rose.  3rd Sec, 75th Open Tarbes National. The 75th Open winner being the good Hen Grace winner of 1st Sec, 1st Open NFC Messac 5,128 birds. A grand dtr of Louellas Incredible.

Congratulationss Mr Gent

Winning 3rd Regional ZCC, 10th Union, 44th Provincial Bordeaux 934 KM 796 birds. With a cock  whos sire is a dbl g.son of True Grit when paired to Braveheart and a dtr of European Bull.

Congratulations Mr Hughes

Winning 5th Sec, 10th Open Edgarstone with a Louella Jacob Poortvliet. His full brother won 1st Club, 20th North Sec, 57th Open in last seasons Skibberdeen OB National.

Congratulations Khalid Hilmi

On your fantastic Channel season winning 3rd Club, 24th East Coast Fed with a Louella Leo Hereman X Roland Janssen. 1st Club, 1st Open East Club Fed dam Louella Van Geel 4th Club, 10th Fed with a full sibling to the winner. Also winning 3rd Club, 295th Open, 3rd & 7th Club, 7th & 17th Fed with Louella Bloodlines.

Congratulations Mr Pratten & Son

1st Far West Section. Winning with a yearling Cock. Sire is a grandson of Invinsible spirit when paired to Braspenning Hen from De Felle Lines. Dam bre via the lines of Verreweg De Beste, De Barcelona, Lady Wegan and Ivincible Dettori. Louella Jan Aarden Bloodlines.

Congratualtions Hall & Macullam

1st and 5th Open Fougeres WNFC. Their 5th Open winner being a yearling Cock 50% Louella Vandenabeele Blood lines.

Congratulations Mr Turner

4th North Centre Section BICC Cholet. Won with a 2yr old cock. Sire g.son of De Barcelona '241 and La Rosa Bonita, Dam direct dtr of La Rosa Bonita when paired to a soon of De Barcelona '241. Louella Jan Aardens.

3rd North Centre Secion BICC Alencon. Won with a Louella Jan Aarden Hen bred in his stock loft.

Congratulations Mr Holloway

1st Club, 4th Fed, 8th Combine Honiton with a Mealy Cock Staf van Reet bred by Louella.

Congratulations Mr Davidson

2nd Section A BBC National Chorlet 1,700b. With a Yearlling Blue Hen. Sire Louella Braspenning bred by Louella.

Congratulations Mr Newbury

2nd Open Welsh National Carentan, 900-1,000 birds

With a Blue Hen Jacob Poortvliet bred by Louella in 2018 and purchased as part of a kit of 6.

Congratulations Mr Suggett

1st Fed, From Hutington 105 miles 1,380 birds

A Leo Hermans, Bred by Louella in 2017. Inbred and line bred to Olympiade '300

Congratulations Underhill & Prettejohn

1st and 2nd Messac 5,128 birds.
Recording the fastest velocity on the day.



Both Hens Grace and Rose are bred from the same parents.



Their sire being Imperial, Direct son of Louellas own Incredible 10 times a National and International prize winner when he was paired to his own dtr when he inturn  was paired to Louellas Amazing Grace 6 times Barcelona and Perpignan 698 miles.


Both Hens are now being prepared for the Tarbes Grand National in a couple of weeks. We wish you luck in your future races


Congratulations Walter Boswell.

1st Club 1st Section West Federation 1788 birds
Won with a Jacob Poortvliet both parents bred by Louella.

  Released at:
13:00 29/04/2019

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